Confidential Help

You can speak confidentially with any of the people listed below.  They can give you emotional support and help you take the steps you need to feel safer at Lawrence.

On Campus

Counselor, Nurse or Physician:  Counseling and medical care are available on campus in the Buchanan-Kiewit Wellness Center.  Drop in or call for an appointment (920-832-6574) during weekday hours.  For emergency help, call the 24-hour Outagamie County Crisis line (920-832-4646).

SHARE Confidential Resource:  Designated SHARE confidential resources can provide confidential support.  Check the list of SHARE confidential resources for help.

A counselor or SHARE confidential resource can help you:

  • get emotional support, counseling, or medical care (including a sexual assault nurse exam at no charge);
  • arrange for an escort, alternative housing, or academic accommodations;
  • schedule an educational intervention for the person who may be committing sexual misconduct;
  • file a formal complaint of sexual misconduct;
  • contact law enforcement to report a crime.

With your permission, the counselor or SHARE confidential resource can report misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator.


Dean of Spiritual and Religious Life: The Dean can provide confidential conversations and assistance connecting with support services.

Off Campus

Sexual Assault Crisis Center:  A crisis center can provide an advocate to talk to or to be present for a SANE exam or police interview.  Contact the Sexual Assault Crisis Center of the Fox Cities (920-733-8119 or

Clergy:  A priest, minister, rabbi, or chaplain can provide counseling or support.

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