Need help? Want to talk? 24-hour on-call services:

920-832-4646 - Outagamie County Crisis Intervention Center

920-733-8119 - Sexual Assault Crisis Center

You can disclose as much or as little as you choose. Speaking with a counselor is confidential.


Your Immediate Safety


Get away from the person trying to harm you. Stay clear of places with potential weapons (kitchen, garage, lab). Go to a public or secure location (library, dining hall, friend’s room, staff office, etc.). Call Campus Safety (6999) or the police (911).


Tell the person to stop. Do not respond to alarming statements. Save messages in a secure file as evidence.


If injured or exposed to a health risk (infection or pregnancy), get medical help right away. Get a sexual assault nurse exam (SANE exam) at no charge.

Emergency Resources

For a look at comprehensive resources, visit our Resources section.


Appleton Police Department
Dial 911
Lawrence Campus Safety

Urgent Resources

Sexual Assault Crisis Center of the Fox Cities

Staffed 24/7/365. An advocates will meet with a victim of a sexual assault at a medical facility. 

Outagamie County Crisis Intervention
Staffed 24/7/365. Phone workers connect the caller to appropriate resources.

Appleton Police Department
For non-emergency help or to report a crime such as sexual assault.

LU Health and Wellness Office
Weekday daytime resources to talk to a campus nurse or counselor. Confidential Staff can coordinate services on and off campus and support your emotional well-being. This includes counseling, health, and the campus advocate.

LU SHARE Confidential Resources
See list at About Share
Confidential resources to help arrange support.


Get Confidential Help

You can talk confidentially with a counselor, health care worker, or SHARE confidential resource. Click Get Confidential Help.

Report Sexual Misconduct

A report informs the Title IX Coordinator so that steps can be taken to assure safety and offer support.  A complaint begins an investigation that may lead to disciplinary action for an offender.  For more information, click Report Sexual Misconduct.

What SHARE Confidential Resources Do

Listen and Connect

A SHARE confidential resource can provide emotional support and help you:

  • Get counseling or medical care.
  • Explain polices and procedures.
  • Arrange for protection or academic accommodation.
  • File a report or formal complaint that someone has violated our policy on your behalf.
  • Contact law enforcement to report a crime.

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