Winter Break Housing Requests on Voyager

We have a new process this year for requesting winter break housing, and instead of filling out a request form online, you’ll be doing it via your Voyager account. 

When you’re in Voyager, you’ll click on “Student Services” and then “Request for Housing”.  You’ll provide your reason for staying, the dates you’ll be on campus, and details about why you’ll need to stay.  If you’re staying/leaving multiple times over break, you’ll need to complete a separate request for each date range you’ll be on campus.

Costs for winter break housing are as follows:
$160/week for the first two weeks on campus*
$52/week for any additional weeks on campus
$475 entire break

$25/day for late stays/early arrivals of just a few days

To view the status of your housing request, you can view it through your Voyager account.

*Students are charged $160 per week for the first two weeks they stay on campus, which can occur at any point during winter break.  After a student has paid the $320 for the first two weeks, the student will pay a reduced rate of $52 per week for any additional weeks they may remain on campus.

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