Each spring, currently enrolled and continuing students will follow these steps to select their housing for the next academic year. The steps were developed and approved by members of the Residence Life Committee of the Lawrence University Community Council (LUCC). If you have any questions regarding any part of the housing process, or are interested in becoming a part of our committee, please feel free to contact the chair of the Residence Life Committee, Ryan Aiello.

Note: Incoming first-year students (freshmen and transfers) for the upcoming academic year do not follow this process but will be notified of their housing assignment via their Voyager account in late July. For additional information for new students, please click here!

Those unavailable to select their own housing may designate a proxy by completing a proxy form (PDF) (also available at the Campus Life Office, 4th floor Warch Campus Center).

  1. Review timeline and lottery number information
  2. Review housing options
    • Double Rooms
    • Single Rooms
    • Suites, Quads, and Triples
    • Substance-Free Housing
    • Group Living in Small Houses
    • Room layouts, generally speaking
    • Rooming with a Japanese student from Waseda University
    • Staying in your current room: Squatting, defined
    • Things to know if you'll be off-campus or in a group house for a term next year (learn about the combination rule).
  3. Advance register online (on Voyager) for your fall classes
  4. Make sure you're up-to-date on your student account
    • Check your account on Voyager.
    • Visit Student Accounts (first floor, Brokaw Hall) for assistance, or call 920-832-6765.
  5. Pick up and sign your housing contract (early May) after you complete your advance registration in Voyager. Contracts will be available at the Campus Life Office (Warch Campus Center, 4th floor).  Your contract lists your lottery number. 

    Your contract should list your off-campus plans for next year; if it doesn't, let us know by calling the housing coordinator at 920-832-6765.

  6. Attend housing Q&A sessions. Watch for notices in your hall and in the campus center informing you about the dates and times of these sessions.
    Students who are looking for a roommate and students going off-campus can gather at the Find Your Future Roommate session; watch for dates on the timeline. This session helps students who are looking for roommates for the following year. This event will be run by members of the Campus Life staff.
  7. Attend the housing selection process (May). Details will be listed on the housing timeline and on signs around campus. Bring your signed Housing Contract with you on the specific date of Housing Selection. Please note: If you are selecting a room for you and your roommate, please be sure to bring his/her signed Housing Contract. Can't make it to housing selection? See the proxy form, above.

Other questions? The Housing Coordinator can be reached by e-mail (campus_life@lawrence.edu) or telephone at 920-832-6765 to help.

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