Each year the administration determines the housing stock for the following year based on enrollment projections. There are currently 14 units available for FGH:

  • 122 N. Union—11 beds
  • 128 N. Union—11 beds
  • 203 N. Union—16 beds
  • 217 N. Union—8 beds
  • 221 N. Union—7 beds
  • 712 E. Boldt Way—23 beds
  • 726 E. Boldt Way—23 beds
  • 738 E. Boldt Way—8 beds
  • 741 E. Boldt Way—17 beds
  • 742 E. Boldt Way—11 beds
  • 206 S. Lawe—23 beds
  • 218 S. Lawe—23 beds
  • 711 E. Alton—23 beds
  • 739 E. Alton—12 beds

NOTE: Some of the facilities listed above will be assigned to continuing groups whose compacts are not expiring. The list of specific facilities available to groups wishing to apply (or re-apply) will be available at the time of application.     

In order to ensure an availability of housing options for students (FGH, theme house living, and general lottery housing within small units), no more than 75% of housing units available for FGH should be assigned to FGH at any time. Compact lengths for all groups will be three years.

FGH procedures will be reviewed and revised as need arises.

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