Dining Services

All students must participate in the campus dining plan and will pay the annual board cost to the university. This requirement is intended to ensure that all students have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of campus communal dining and allows for the sharing of mealtime with friends from all over campus. Additionally, it limits the isolation that could be an undesirable side effect of FGH.

Each FGH, will specify dining arrangements for its members. All members of the Formal Group agree to one of the following dining arrangements:

  • No organized dining in the FGH facility. Each member individually will choose one of the meal plan options offered by dining services.
  • Provision of additional meals in the FGH facility. Each member individually will choose one of two University FGH meal plan options and share some meals in their house. The University will collect board plan dollars including the University overhead charge and remit to the formal group a pro-rated amount to be used for house food and kitchen expenses. The University will retain the full overhead charge. Members of the FGH will be responsible for management of the in-house food service funds and will be expected to handle financial matters with full disclosure to all members.  A FGH may assess a surcharge to cover house food and kitchen expenses. The surcharge will be collected by the University and remitted in full to the FGH.  Once each term the leadership of the FGH will review its financial records with University officials to ensure appropriate expenditures and accounting procedures for board plan funds. No funds may be used to purchase alcohol or other drugs, and monies cannot be used for any illegal purposes or for purposes inconsistent with or contrary to University code of conduct, policies, or procedures. 

At the time of application for FGH, the groups applying will be made aware of which housing facilities are available for FGH and what the kitchens/dining areas will accommodate. In its application, the group will articulate its plan for dining and its needs (if any) for kitchen facilities.  Every attempt will be made to accommodate the group’s request given the housing stock available.

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