In order to be considered for allocation of FGH, a student group must, for the two consecutive years prior to application, demonstrate viability by meeting the following criteria:

  1. The group must be student-governed.
  2. Membership of the group must be at least one and one-half times the size of the smallest housing unit to be considered for FGH (i.e., given the current housing stock in which the smallest unit is 7 beds, a group would need to have maintained a membership of 10 for the previous two years in order to be eligible).
  3. There must be a demonstrated history of active membership and responsible leadership.  There must have been at least two generations of proven leadership within a governance structure consisting of more than one student.
  4. The group must have a clearly articulated mission statement that is consistent with the goals and purposes of Lawrence University.  The group must address how communal living arrangements and the privilege of FGH will enhance the group’s ability to carry out its mission.
  5. There must be an organizational and governance structure through which the responsibilities of maintaining the residence, coordinating outreach/service activities, educating the members about appropriate behavior, and organizing and managing group activities can be fulfilled.  Included in the structure should be a plan for recruitment of new members and leadership succession.
  6. The group must demonstrate a commitment to the Lawrence and/or Fox Cities community through outreach/service activities.  Community service may take the form of volunteering for local social service organizations, raising money for worthy causes, or sponsoring speakers and programs on topics of interest to the Lawrence community.
  7. The group must have a faculty or staff advisor.  Strong campus support and/or alumni interest is also desirable.

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