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Our Mission

     To ensure a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students, specifically students from diverse backgrounds, to be able to thrive at Lawrence University personally, socially, and academically. This will be achieved through education, conversation, and collaborations that embrace culture and identity in oneself and others.

     The Diversity Center provides additional resources such as individual cultural support, a diverse library (books, magazines, pamphlets), connections to the surrounding diverse communities, and diverse programming including workshops, forums, discussions, and cultural conversations. Please stop by for a visit and get connected. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Our history

"We are not makers of history, we are made by history." Martin Luther King, Jr.

The first Diversity Center opened in the fall of 1997, part of the larger division known as Student Life. The Diversity Center is a place that welcomes everyone.  Our goal is to help students from underrepresented populations be successful at Lawrence University, primarily navigating the transition to college, persistence to graduation, and life after. This is done through connections, programs, and services that support personal and professional development which validate the university’s framework on engaged learning. In addition, continue to evaluate, challenge, and change institutional practices and policies to ensure a more inclusive living and learning campus environment where all students are able to thrive.

1969 – 1997: Black Cultural Center, first Physical location 411 E Washington St.
1997 – 2014: Diversity Center, 207 S Meade St. (the House is no longer there)
2014 – 2016: Diversity Center, 615 E College Ave. Memorial Hall Lower Level 
2016 – Current: Diversity Center, 615 E College Ave. Memorial Hall First floor

1990/1991: Created first Associate Dean of Students for Multicultural Affairs
2002 – 2003: First mention of the Multicultural Affairs Office in the student handbook
2009 –First female Associate Dean of Student for Diversity
2016 – Department name change from Multicultural Affairs to Diversity Center 
2016 – First administrative addition – Diversity Center Coordinator


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The Title IX Coordinator is Here for you!

Title IX Coordinator Kim Jones can be found at Memorial Hall 109, reached via phone at 920-832-7496 and via email at kimberly.r.scott@lawrence.edu.

Kim addresses issues related to sexual misconduct, sexual assault, relationship and interpersonal violence, sex- and gender- based discrimination or harassment, and gender equity. Kim works with all parties involved in the complaint process to ensure a fair, equitable, and timely response. She is available as a private resource to anyone in the Lawrence community.



Got some ideas?

The Diversity Center is looking for different ways to educate, engage, and building community.
Please submit your ideas and suggestions to:

Chris Vue at chris.n.vue@lawrence.edu or

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