Senior Year - Time to Apply!

Plan for your Life After Lawrence NOW:

  • Continue to participate in Career Services events:
  • Attend: S2 if you are unclear of where to start or how to continue in order to prepare yourself for attending S4 as well as your life after Lawrence.
  • Participate in S4 which will provide you the tools to promote your skills, create quality application materials, build your personal brand and feel energized about your future.
  • Attend internship and job fairs.
  • Decide whether you are going to enter the job market right from Lawrence, participate in a Gap Year (e.g. Peace Corps, Teach For America, Green Corps) or pursue further study.
  • Finalize graduate school applications in early fall; have personal statements reviewed by career advisors and faculty members
  • Start working with a career advisor early in the fall to develop job search strategies and establish job targets
  • Network with others and let them know you are looking for a job - they may be able to help you expand your network or keep you posted on job openings.
  • Identify potential employers and send resumes and cover letters. Set up informational interviews to build contacts within the company and learn more about the field or organization.
  • Tailor résumés and cover letters for specific job targets.
  • Continue to participate in mock interviews with a career advisor, visiting alumni and/or business representatives hosted by Career Services.

Celebrate your success!

The career development process or journey is about exploring and preparing; actions you will do throughout your lifetime. The process is fluid and will be different for everyone.

The chart below includes suggested activities for each class year as well those which should be ongoing throughout your time at Lawrence, as noted in the center. You should not feel constrained by the year noted and proceed as it makes sense for you. Regardless of where you are in your journey, the Career Services staff is here to help you navigate the necessary steps for your future.

4 year timeline_web.png

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