Understanding employer expectations of applicants

It is important to recognize that employer expectations of applicants may differ by country. For example, in some countries it would be considered inappropriate for an applicant to contact the employer prior to submitting their application, while many U.S. employers are impressed when an applicant has been in contact with them in advance of applying. Similarly, non-verbal expectations can also differ from country to country and culture to culture. In some countries, keeping eye contact at a minimum is a show of respect, while in the U.S. avoiding eye contact might appear rude or irreverent. Furthermore, employers in some countries might ask applicants about their marital or health status or inquire about their religious affiliation, while these same questions would be illegal if asked by a U.S. employer.

Therefore, it will be very useful to become familiar with the expectations U.S. employers may have of you. While not all U.S. employers will have identical expectations, there are general standards that are common to most employers when it comes to some job search steps, such as:

Career Services can help you become more familiar with these and other employer expectations.

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