Marketing your international experience:

  • Employers are increasingly interested in prospective employees who have experience with more than one language, society or culture.
  • Therefore, some employment opportunities are available for students who have developed not only their educational qualifications, but their bicultural knowledge and skills and proficiency in more than one language.
  • Pay close attention to these skills, develop them consciously during your time at Lawrence and market them during your job search.
  • Career Services can assist you in learning how to best market these skills when applying for internships or jobs.

Marketing your Lawrence University experience:

  • As a student at Lawrence University, you will gain a first-rate liberal arts education and will have the opportunity to actively participate in a wide array of student organizations.
  • Although your fellow members of the Lawrence community generally appreciate the value of your university experience, you cannot assume that employers will automatically understand and appreciate all that it means to be a lawrence graduate.  
  • During your years at Lawrence, it will benefit you to become well-versed in translating your Lawrence experience in such a way as to make it meaningful to persons unfamiliar with Lawrence University.
  • Attending career events, such as Lawrence Scholars and other Shadowing opportunities beginning in your freshmen year will give you the opportunity to learn how alumni have marketed their Lawrence experience.
  • Participating in Think Globally, Explore Locally events and on-campus mock interviews, as well as attending on-campus employer information sessions will help you become comfortable describing your LU experience with employers well before graduation.  

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