Understanding and planning for challenges

Even though your education is taking place in the context of a GLOBAL marketplace, your job search occurs within a world of NATIONAL boundaries. So the issue of work authorization, in the United States and elsewhere, is a critical factor throughout your job search.

If you are an international student seeking employment outside your home country, you must understand that few positions are available for people without a permanent work visa. Most U.S. organizations are not in a position to hire a person who has only a training period remaining on a student visa. However, some U.S. organizations will hire international students into one of their international offices.

While many international students would like to secure U.S. employment, many also see the value of gaining experience with organizations in their home countries.

Be certain to start the career planning and job search processes as early as possible. Begin meeting regularly with both the Coordinator of International Student Services and a member of Career Services staff soon after arriving at Lawrence University.

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