How do you address questions from the resource person?

The person whom you are interviewing may want to know something about you as well as share information about her/himself. She/he may even tell you of job openings or inquire as to whether or not you are interested in hearing of any. How you answer will depend on how far along you are in your job search. You may or may not be ready to commit yourself to a particular occupational field. In any case, try to keep options open for yourself and respond accordingly.

What should you do following the information interview?

  • Send a thank you letter. A thank you letter will help you be remembered in a positive way by the contact person.
  • At a later date, you might want to send a letter expressing interest in working for her/him, recall your information interview, and enclose a copy of your resume.
  • Or, you may want to call or e-mail the contact person, remind her/him of your information interview and inquire about employment opportunities.

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