An information or research interview is a meeting in which you talk to people who are employed in a job of interest to you in order to:

  • Obtain information that will help you to understand the realities of the field. YOU ARE NOT ASKING FOR A JOB!
  • Expand the number of your contacts. Your contact person may be referred by a friend or colleague or identified by a receptionist at an organization you have contacted. This person may or may not have hiring power within the organization.
  • Learn the process(es) of taking control in job seeking. You will be conducting the interview.

How Can it Help You?

This technique provides many benefits:

  • It can sharpen your perception of the career or job that you have been considering.
  • You can discover what skills are required for certain jobs and match them with your own abilities and strengths.
  • You can gain greater confidence in your interviewing skills since you direct the interviews with professionals.
  • It provides the opportunity for you to expand your network of professional contacts
  • You can view people at work and find out how they feel about their jobs and what types of lifestyle surround their careers.
  • The low-pressure situation allows you to make a good impression with the person with whom you interview.
  • You may obtain forthright advice about a profession or industry that you will never read in a book.

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