Tips for an effective Cover Letter

  • Letters should be addressed to a specific individual (preferably the person in charge of hiring or a manager/supervisor in a department of interest).
  • Research the organization and use what you learn to address why you want to work with this employer.
  • If you have a job description with required or preferred qualifications, use your cover letter to show how you meet the requirements for the position. Using key words from the description.
  • Don’t start every sentence with “I”. Use some variety in your sentence structure.
  • Do not repeat your entire résumé. Rather, highlight relevant experiences or elaborate on specific areas that relate to the position. Using concrete skills and examples.
  • Keep your letter short and simple. Your letter should not be more than one page.
  • It should be flawless, keep it free of errors in spelling and grammar.
  • A professional cover letter should be typed, on paper matching your resume in a business format.

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