Calendar/Picking a Date

When planning an event, here are some tips and ideas to keep in mind:

Day and Time

When first starting to plan an event for your group,  it is important to solidify a few different dates and times at one of your organization meetings that would work for the group as a whole for putting on a program or event. This way, if one or two of the days and times are already too busy with other events, the group doesn’t have to reconvene to come up with more dates that would work. Think about what usual academic obligations are happening during the different days and times and how that would affect attendance.

Checking the Calendar

No one wants to plan a great event up against a bunch of other events happening on campus! Take those possible days and times and check the LU Calendar for other events happening at the same time and determine what will work best for the type of program you are doing, as well as what audience you are looking to get.

Room Reservations

Once you have a date and time determined for your program, the next step is reserving the room:

What are your needs of the physical space?

Determine before what your needs of the room space will be for your event: A projector screen? Speakers? Catering? Having a band play? When you do reserve your space, you will be asked to check off these needs on the form online, but your organization must get in contact with the proper people to make those extras happen (such as catering and AV tech support). Bands or music events are best suited for Esch-Hurvis in the Warch Campus Center where sound and light systems are built into the room.

What size audience do you expect?

For most events, we want the largest number of people possible to attend, but part of planning is being realistic in your organizations’ goals for events. If you are bringing in a well-known speaker that many different students on campus might try to attend, an auditorium setting might be appropriate. If you are doing a workshop that you only expect 10-20 people to attend, there are smaller rooms across campus to choose from.

Timing of the Reservation

Reserve rooms in advance! Most room moderators (the people who approve your reservations) need at least a two week notice for reserving rooms in their buildings. If you plan to have tech needs or catering, you will want to reserve the room at least 3 weeks in advance. Once you put in a reservation, it is not guarantee that you have that space until you receive an approval email.

Making a Reservation

  1. Go to the Lawrence Room Reservation System and sign in with your LU username and password. This is to ensure that students and student groups do not get charged for use of rooms and that we give priority to Lawrence faculty, students and staff.
  2. Pick the Building, Room, Day and Time start and end. When you search for that room on that day at that time, it will show you whether the room is available or not.
  3. If it is available, you can then click “Select”.
  4. If it is unavailable, you will have to choose another time, day, or room to try and reserve.
  5. When you “Select”, the next page will ask to reaffirm the date, time start and time end. You may also need to put in a “security start/end” – this is when you would like the room opened beforehand (if needed) to set up, and when you would want it locked up after clean-up. Hit “Next” when done.
  6. After hitting “Next”, the following page will ask for the specifics of the program, and how you want the program to be displayed on the LU calendar including title, description, what category it falls under, who is hosting the event, etc. If you want the event advertised on the LU calendar, be sure to check that box! Hit “Submit”!
  7. After submitting, your event’s info will be summarized. Ensure it is correct – then hit “Submit” – the event should then pop up under your “My Requests” tab.
  8. Wait for your approval email and continue planning your event – contact Catering services, Tech services, etc as needed.


If your student organization is hosting a speaker, band, or other performer you should use a contract to confirm the details of the event. A contract is required anytime payment will be made to a speaker or performer, this includes campus bands.

The Campus Life office has contracts that can be used if the performer does not have a contract of their own.

Event planners should work with the Campus Life office to ensure the contract is completed appropriately and in a timely fashion. Student leaders and club advisors cannot sign contracts and must work through the Campus Life office to obtain the necessary approval from the Business office to complete the contract process.  This process should be completed at least two weeks before the scheduled performance.

Payment for speakers, performers, and events

When completing the contract process student leaders should also be prepared to gather the necessary paperwork to ensure timely payment for the speaker or performer. 

For student performers, payment is made through University payroll. Students not already in the payroll systems will need to complete their payroll paper work with the Payroll office in Brokaw Hall.

External performers will need to complete a W-9 form.  This form can be picked up from the Campus Life office.  The form should be completed by the performer and returned with the contract. This process should be completed at least two weeks before the scheduled performance.


  • Promote the details—What, when, and where.  Remember to tell your audience who is sponsoring the event.  Student group publicity must identify the sponsoring organization or author of the notice.
  • Post your event on the University calendar.
  • Use social media—Facebook, school blogs, and announcements on your organization’s website, Evite, and e-mailing your organization’s listserv.
  • PostersPost flyers, fact sheets, posters, and banners in public places. Individual buildings may have policies regarding internal posting of notices. Check with the building supervisor if you are unsure of appropriate posting locations.  Posting in the Warch Campus Center must be approved by Info Desk before posting.
  • TablingReserve a table in a high-traffic area of the campus center. Display flyers, fact sheets, or brochures about your event.
  • PressSubmit a summary or press release to your school newspaper or radio station, and ask them to publish or announce your event.
  • Coalitions—Build coalitions by asking other student groups to help you advertise and attend your event and by your organization promoting and attending their events in the future.
  • Wear it! Advertise by making shirts or buttons displaying your event information. 

A reminder: Please use masking or painters tape to hang posters, do not use duct tape as it damages surfaces.

Click here to learn how to post on the Campus Center Digital Displays.

Tech Support

  • Equipment use in the Warch Campus Center is free for all student organizations and should be requested when completing the room reservation request.
  • Tech/sound equipment for events outside of the campus center must be reserved through the Information Desk at the Warch Campus Center.
  • Equipment reservations requests should be made at least two weeks prior to your event.
  • Rental fees apply for equipment used outside of the Warch Campus Center.
  • University programming events (i.e. SOUP, Campus Life) have priority when reserving equipment.

Catering and Food

Student organizations can request LUCC funding for food for visiting speakers and performers, small amounts of food for receptions after public events (e.g., lectures or performances), and events central to the purpose or mission of the organization.

LUCC funds may not be allocated for food for the following: regular meetings of the organization; meals or snacks while attending or traveling to or from a conference, competition, festival, or the like.

Most student groups use University dining services to cater their events. All events in the Warch Campus Center must work through University dining services if they plan on having food at their event.

Visit Dining to learn more about pricing, catering, cook-outs, pack-outs, and the possibility of using meal swipes at your event.

Student organizations planning on working with dining services should contact dining services about the event as soon as event details are confirmed, and at least two weeks in advance of the event.

Noise Variance and Outdoor Events

Student organizations planning an outdoor event should reserve the outdoor space they would like to use for the event, and then come to the Campus Life office to discuss details including:

  • Tents and Fencing
  • Vendors
  • Security needs
  • Crowd control plans
  • Rain Site/Inclement weather plans
  • Noise variance/noise control

Campus Life (920-832-6600) can assist in your student organization application to the City of Appleton for a Noise Variance for your event.  This application should be submitted at least one month in advance of your event.