Please consider a gift or pledge using one of the methods outlined below. For more information about Lawrence's fund-raising programs, contact the Office of Development at, or 920-832-6548.

  • Make an online gift now!

  • Mail your check to:
    Lawrence University Development Office
    711 E. Boldt Way
    Appleton, WI 54911-5595
  • Call 920-832-6548 to charge a gift to your credit card. Outside normal business hours, leave a message at this number and we'll return your call.
  • Stock Transfers
    • Please allow 2-3 business days to complete these transactions.

Donors may instruct brokers and trust officers to transfer securities intended for charitable contributions to Lawrence University’s account at Robert W. Baird and Company in Appleton, Wisconsin.

The numbers required to accomplish the transfer are the DTC number, which represents Baird’s identification code for wire transfers, and the Lawrence University account number.  Our broker at Baird is Tom Gottsacker, his assistant is Stephanie Scheibel and both may be reached at 920-830-3600.

          DTC           0547

          Account      5084-0769

It is helpful if the donor’s broker notifies Lawrence of the intended transfer.  Jane Shyu is the staff member who tracks such transactions, and she may be reached at 920-832-6517.

In some instances, Lawrence’s Federal tax identification number may also be required.  That number is 39-0806297.

Receiving Bank Name: Chase, Wisconsin
Receiving Bank ABA Number: 021000021
Swift Code: CHASUS33
Beneficiary Name: Lawrence University
Beneficiary Account Number: 510100319
Dollar Amount: $_______________
Additional Reference: Please indicate name of person wire is coming from and reason for wire.
BBI: Chase, Appleton

Gifts from Retirement Assets
Congress has re-authorized the provision that allows you to make a tax-free gift from your IRA to Lawrence. That means you have a new source of tax-advantaged funds to use to make a gift. If you are 70 1/2 or older, find out how your charitable giving just got easier!

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