630 by 6/30 is an alumni participation challenge with the goal of having 630 alumni give by June 30, 2017 who have yet to make a donation this fiscal year. If we reach this goal, a generous group of alumni will donate $63,000 to Lawrence!

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644 donors towards our 630 goal!

What is great about this challenge is that it is all about participation!  From affecting the school’s ranking to influencing potential gifts from corporations and foundations, alumni giving has benefits far beyond the dollar value.

Participation is about thousands of alumni coming together to have a direct and far-reaching impact on Lawrence students.  Whether you choose to give $10, $100 or $1,000, each has equal weight in helping us reach our goal of raising 630 gifts needed to secure the $63,000.

Share the 630 by 6/30 message with your classmates!

The success of the 630 by 6/30 Participation Challenge is going to depend on YOU helping spread the message. You can show your support by giving, posting, and tweeting!

Suggested posts:
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I give because Lawrence University gave so much to me. Love this school. If you do too, give at http://go.lawrence.edu/give-online before June 30! Together we can reach our goal of 630 by 6/30! #LarryU

If Lawrence gets 630 new donors by 6/30, a generous group of alumni will donate $63,000 to Lawrence. Imagine the impact we can have on future generations of Lawrentians. Join me at http://go.lawrence.edu/give-online.

Lawrence is a place that changed my life. If I can help change the life of a current Lawrentian through the Lawrence Fund, I will. See how far our generosity can go by participating in the 630 by 6/30 challenge. We have until 6/30 to reach 630 new donors to unlock a $63,000 gift! http://go.lawrence.edu/giving

Hey, Class of [1900]! Lawrence's fiscal year ends June 30. Let’s see if we can help reach the goal of 630 new donors by 6/30. If we reach this goal, a generous group of alumni will donate $63,000 to Lawrence. Make your gift now at http://go.lawrence.edu/give-online

Suggested tweets:
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To do today: support Lawrentians by participating in the 630 by 6/30 challenge. Check. http://go.lawrence.edu/giving

Challenge accepted! Let’s reach our goal of 630 new donors by 6/30 for #LarryU. http://go.lawrence.edu/giving

I’m 1 in 630 by 6/30. What does that mean? Head on over to http://go.lawrence.edu/giving to find out. #LarryU

#tbt to when I was in college and thought [frosted tips were cool]. #LarryU loved me anyway, so I gave at http://go.lawrence.edu/giving.



If you have any questions on 630 by 6/30 please contact Amber Nelson, associate director of annual giving, at 920.832.6552 or amber.r.nelson@lawrence.edu

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