We are happy you are interested in having your wedding or reception at the Björklunden lodge!

In order for your big day to go as smoothly as possible, please read all of the following information below carefully and review our Bjorklunden Wedding Brochure.pdf.  Note that it is the responsibility of the renter to communicate these guidelines to any contracted service providers.  A list of local resources for weddings and receptions can be found below

For information about weddings and receptions in the Boynton Chapel visit The Boynton Chapel page.

Please contact Kim Eckstein at Björklunden with questions, (920) 839-2216, kim.a.eckstein@lawrence.edu


$2,750 for weddings and receptions

For information about fees and deposits, contact Kim Eckstein at Björklunden, (920) 839-2216, kim.a.eckstein@lawrence.edu

General Guidelines

• Midnight curfew for music and alcohol.
• Beer trailers must remain on the blacktop surfaces because of the soft and sandy soil around the lodge. Other vehicles driving near the lodge should do so at their own risk; ruts or other damage caused by such driving must be fixed or paid for.
• Do not prop open outside doors.
• Turn off lights when not in use, especially string lights, to reduce fire hazard.
• By the end of the night, turn off coffeemaker and any other appliance or device.
• Wherever alcohol is served, the floor must be protected from spill damage by a drop cloth or rubber mat.
• Windows must be kept closed when air conditioning is on.
• Please double check to make sure all personal belongings have been collected.
• Check-out time is 10:00 a.m.
• Smoking of any kind is not allowed inside any Björklunden building.
• Plan for appropriate recycling and trash containers for disposable cups, napkins, bottles, cans, and especially cigarette butts. Remember that Björklunden is habitat to many animals that find littering life-threatening and unacceptable.
• Dancing is allowed on the deck only.

Decoration and Furniture

• Items and furniture that are rented are the responsibility of the renter and should be clearly marked.
• The following items are not acceptable: free-standing candles, candelabras (floating candles are acceptable); curtains, awnings, etc., supported by metal poles that may damage floor; aluminum confetti; wooden white chairs; furniture without rubber footing.
• No nails, screws, tacks, tape, or other adhesive may be used on any Björklunden property unless given specific permission.
• Any and all outdoor decorations must be removed before check-out.
• Throwing rice is prohibited. Confetti, sand, loose glitter, and small beads are not permitted for indoor ceremony or reception use.

Kitchen and Catering

• No parking in fire lane.
• Separate garbage from recycling and empty all garbage and recycling into appropriate dumpster.
• Do not prop open outside doors for any length of time.
• The kitchen must be cleaned properly and thoroughly.
• Caterers have, in the past, mistakenly taken Björklunden equipment. Please take care to leave our property as it was found.

Reasons for forfeiting some or all of the deposit

• Failure to follow any of the above rules and guidelines.
• Any abusive and/or destructive damage to Björklunden property.
• Failure to separate recyclables from garbage.
• Any litter, especially broken glass, found on Björklunden property.

Local Resources for Weddings & Receptions


Judge Robert A Hawley (retired), Lawrence University ’71, 920-252-2544
Email: robert.hawley@yahoo.com

Judge Peter Diltz, 920-868-2243

Reverend Joan Shiels, 920-743-8984
Email: joanshiels25@yahoo.com
Website: http://doorcountyminister.com

Reverend Cynthia Johnson, Retired Unitarian Universalist minister, 920-839-9298
Available year around, ideally with a lead time of one to four months.
Email: cbjohnson@itol.com
Website: http://www.uufdc.org/

Court Commissioner Gary Wolkstein, former Lawrence University faculty, 608-833-8467
Email: arioso1@aol.com
Website: http://www.musicofthelake.com


Kim Larson, 920-559-3667
(Kim only does small weddings in the chapel, no outdoor weddings)
Email: blake@doorarts.com

Harp, violin, cello, piano:
Elizabeth Borsodi, 608-833-8467
Email: arioso1@aol.com
Website: http://elizabethborsodi.com

Gaelic harp:
Jeff Pockat, 920-540-5406
Email: jeff@jeffpockat.com
Website: http://www.jeffpockat.com/

Bubble and Squeak and Hobson’s Choice, Cy Rosenthal or Janelle Peotter, 920-743-7240
Bluegrass, jug band, and American and Celtic folk traditions, including sea songs and chanteys and an occasional pop song. Music can be arranged for any occasion.
Email: bubsqueak@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.bubsqueak.com/

Jazz, pop, blues and soul:
The Jana Nyberg Group, 847-366-7023
Jazz and Pop music featuring American Idol Hollywood Finalist Jana Nyberg and her band of 7 years and running.
Email: adammeckler@gmail.com
Website: http://www.janajazz.com/

Violin duets:
Deanndra & Xavier Deblack
This husband and wife team, and Lawrence graduates, play beautiful violin duets for many events. Please visit their website for more information.
E-mail: seraphinviolins@gmail.com
Website: www.seraphinviolins.com

Lori Meyer, 920-421-0753
Website: http://www.tuttistrings.blogspot.com/
Lori is a professional cellist, a graduate from Lawrence University's Conservatory of Music. She is available to play for weddings at the Bjorklunden Chapel on either the violin or cello and is connected to nearly all other musicians in the Door County Area. She performs with two performing groups "Classical Connection" a group made up of flute, clarinet, and cello and "The Allegro String Quartet". She maintains an active private music studio (Tutti Strings) of 30 string students, teaching violin, viola, cello and string bass. She has performed for Peninsula Players Musicals and recitals through the Peninsula Music Festival. She is an active solo and chamber music performer. To be in contact with Lori Meyer about wedding music or other special event at Bjorklunden, please call her.  Demo CD available upon request.

Guitar, vocals:
Ben Larsen, 920-493-4409
Email: jukeboxbenny@gmail.com
More info: Ben Larsen Wedding Info (PDF)

Carriage Rides

John Mayberry, 920-743-2352 or 920-421-1152
Email: john@mayberryscarriages.com
Website: http://mayberryscarriages.com/weddings.html

Disc Jockeys

Tunes To Go DJ Service, Steve Sherman, 920-854-2515
Email: info@tunestogo.biz
Website: www.tunestogo.biz

Music Masters Entertainment DJ Service, Lars Braschnewitz, 920-495-9400 or 920-746-0321
Email: musicmasters@doorcounty.com
Website: www.mmedjs.com

Fortune Talent DJ Service, 800-472-3222
Email: richo@fortunetalent.com
Website: www.fortunetalent.com

The Unknown DJ's, Angie O'Hern-Dequaine, 920-559-0978
Email: unknowndjs@hotmail.com


Jerry’s Flowers, 920-854-4112
Website: http://www.jerrysflowers-doorcounty.com/category/weddings/

Cottage Garden, Lisa Carlson, 920-854-6886
Email: doorcountyweddingplanners@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.doorcountyweddingplanners.com/

Flora - Special Occasion Flowers, Helene Ingsten-Anderson, 920-854-9760 or 920-421-1314
Email: flora@newwis.com
Website: www.doorcountyflowers.com

Blossoms Floral Design, 262-492-1786
Email: blossomsofdoorcounty@gmail.com
Website: http://blossomsofdoorcounty.com/

Sturgeon Bay Florist, 920-732-3465
Email: sbflorist@charter.net
Website: http://www.sturgeonbayflorist.com/


Heidi Hodges Photography, Wedding and Event Photography, 920-495-0629
Email: Heidi@Heidihodges.com
Website: www.heidihodges.com
Click here for a taste of a Boynton Chapel wedding with Heidi as the photographer!

De La Teja Studio, Heidi Lee & Gerardo De La Teja, 920-997-1596 (Appleton - no mileage fee within WI)
Email: heidi@delatejastudio.com
Website: http://delatejastudio.com

Avenson Photography, Kelly Avenson, 920-559-0504
Email: photographs@kellyavenson.com
Website: www.kellyavenson.com

Door County Photo, Jeff Davis, 920-746-98
Email:  jdavis@doorcountyphoto.com
Website: http://www.doorcountyphoto.com/Weddings2.html

Jason Mann Photography, Wedding & Event Photographer, 920-246-8106
Email: jason@jmannphoto.com
Website: http://www.jmannphoto.com/
Click here for a taste of a Boynton Chapel wedding with Jason as the photographer!

Fran Klotz of Photography, Fran Klotz, 920-743-4537 or 1-800-834-4537
Email: klotzphoto@charter.net
Website: http://www.klotzphoto.com/

Ping Photography, Ping Wu, Wedding & Event Photographer, 920-559-3117
Email:  ping.pingstudios@gmail.com
Website:  http://www.ping-photography.com/

Art of Exposure Photography LLC., Tammy Lutze, 920-743-1142
Email: artofexposure@charter.net
Website: http://www.artofexposure.net/
Click here for a taste of how your Boynton Chapel wedding photos could turn out with Tammy as your photographer!

Kim Thiel Photography, Kim Thiel, 920-968-8743 (Appleton)
Email: kim@kimthielphotography.com
Website: http://www.kimthielphotography.com/
Click here for a beautifully written reflection of a Björklunden Boynton Chapel wedding with Kim as the photographer!

Normann Photo, Matt Normann, 920-256-9691
Email: matt@normannphoto.com
Website: http://www.normannphoto.com

Suzi Hass, 920-421-1379
Email: hass.suzi@gmail.com

Lanari Photography, Weddings, Portraits, & Fine Art, Kristin Lanari (LU '02) &Tom Lanari, 920-540-2488 (Appleton)
Email: photography@lanariphotography.com
Website: www.lanariphotography.com

WEDDING PHOTO PRINTING: Peninsula Photo Imaging, Heidi Atanasov
We print wedding photos and enlargements up to 24" x 60", on fine art watercolor papers, canvas, and premium luster.
Email:  info@ppimg.com
Website: http://www.ppimg.com/weddings.html


Scaturo's Baking Co. & Café, 920-746-8727
Email: scaturos@gmail.com
Website: http://www.scaturos.com/

Serves You Right Catering, 920-743-0969
Email: moragmh@gmail.com
Website: http://www.doorcountyservesyourightcatering.com/

Pink Bakery Catering, 920-868-3355
Email: info@pinkbakery-doorcounty.com
Website: http://pinkbakery-doorcounty.com

Top Shelf Cafe & Gourmet Catering, 920-854-5040
Email: contact@topshelfgourmet.com
Website: http://www.topshelfgourmet.com/

Eagle Harbor Inn, 920-854-2121
Email: angie@eagleharbor.com
Website: http://www.eagleharborinn.com

Equipment Rentals

Celebrations Party and Event, Missy Heroux, 920-330-9125 or 800-626-7288
Email: mheroux.cpe@att.net
Website: http://www.celebrationsgb.com/

McVey Tent and Expo, Peter McVey, 920-733-2500 or 1-800-924-5122
Email: mctent@aol.com
Website: http://mcveytent.com/

Wedding Cakes

FlourGirl Patissier, Sarah Basch, 920-421-0649
Email: sarah@flourgirlpatissier.com
Website: http://www.flourgirlpatissier.com/

Sugar Creek Cake Creations Llc, Laura and Jim Acker, 920-825-769
Email:  jlacker@netzero.com

Bill Fairchild, Owner of Second Story Restaurant in Ephraim, 920-839-2106 or 920-854-2371 (summer #)
Email: ssrest@ymail.com

Wedding Planners

Cottage Garden Wedding & Event Planners, Lisa Carlson, 920-854-6886
Email: doorcountyweddingplanners@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.doorcountyweddingplanners.com/

A Delightful Day Wedding & Events, Rebecca Braschnewitz, 920-746-0321
Email: Delightful.Day@charter.net
Website: www.adelightfulday.net

Door County Event Planners, Carrie Baldwin, 920-839-1114
Email: carrie@doorcountyevents.com
Website: www.doorcountyevents.com

David’s Bridal, The Shoppes at the Village in Ashwaubenon, 920-494-1750
Website: http://www.davidsbridal.com

Elegant 31 by Nikki, Nikki Pease, 262-210-2462
Email: elegant31bynikki@yahoo.com
Website: www.elegant31bynikki.wix.com/elegant31bynikki

Door County Visitor's Bureau Resources

Check out the DCVB's website for more Door County wedding and reception info!

We encourage you to contact the DCVB for information regarding sleeping and dining accommodations.

Phone: (920) 743-4456 or 800-52relax (800-527-3529)

Website: www.doorcounty.com

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