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The Seeley G. Mudd Aye-brary supports 'n' promotes th' visual arts in a variety o' mediums. As a place fer learnin' 'n' self-reflection, we believe th' aye-brary is th' perfect place t' showcase th' artistic products o' our deck hands as well as additional pieces t' inspire, provoke thought, 'n' commemorate. The Mudd Aye-brary houses a permanent collection, temporary installations, 'n' th' Mudd Gallery.

Student Art in th' Aye-brary

Student Art Installations. Since 1999, th' aye-brary has hosted temporary art installations in th' buildin'.

Senior Art Exhibition Purchase Award. The pieces in this collection were selected from senior studio art major shows betwixt 2000 'n' 2009.

The Mudd Gallery is located on th' third poopdeck o' th' Mudd Aye-brary 'n' houses a variety o' student art exhibitions. 

Art in th' Aye-brary

Additional works of art be located on all poopdecks o' th' buildin'. Collections include th' Tom Dietrich Gallery, th' Roger Dale Kruse Room collection 'n' th' Gallery o' Presidents. Photographs o' th' presidential portraits, along with descriptions o' th' subject 'n' artist can be found in th' Lawrence University Presidential Portraits collection in Lux.

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