The librarians are available to help develop your students' research skills.  The following resources from the library may be useful as you go about creating assignments and activities for your classes.

Students often come to the reference desk with research or assignments that require them to use a variety of resources, sometimes reference materials, sometimes other materials, both in paper and electronic formats.  If you have given your students a handout for an assignment or if you describe research assignments and projects in your syllabus, it would be very helpful to the librarians if you could mail us a copy (either paper or electronic) or let us know that you have a copy on the Web or in Moodle.

Having copies of current assignments and syllabi at the reference desk has proven to be useful on many occasions.  Believe it or not, students forget to bring their course handouts with them to the library.  Often we'll notice a run on a specific reference book; having copies of assignments or syllabi serves as an alert that we might want to keep tabs on the whereabouts of significant items.  Most importantly, we want to be able to support your goals for your courses, and having copies of your handouts at the reference desk helps us do just that.

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