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Special Collections

The special collections o' th' Seeley G. Mudd Aye-brary cover a wide range in topic, age, 'n' rarity. While our interestin' 'n' varied collections range greatly in topic, all be important t' th' history o' Lawrence, Appleton 'n' Milwaukee-Downer College. The aye-brary houses th' followin' special collections.

Milwaukee-Downer Collection Civil War Collection Wisconsin Collection Kruse Collection

Overview o' th' Collections

Lawrence University has four named special collections that constitute approximately 7,200 titles with particular strength in Americana o' th' nineteenth century, includin' th' American Civil War, th' Wisconsin Territory 'n' th' state o' Wisconsin.

Usin' th' Collections

Items from th' Civil War 'n' Milwaukee-Downer Collections dern't circulate, but may be used in th' aye-brary. See our Use of Special Collections page t' learn more about use o' th' collections or contact a reference librarian. Items from th' Kruse 'n' Wisconsin Collections do circulate 'n' may be checked out from th' aye-brary. 

Special Collections Blog

Special Collections for Enhancing Classroom Experience

Thu, 06/14/2018 - 2:06pm
Written by Jill G. Thomas, Director o' Technical Services This academic year th' Mudd Aye-brary welcomed five classes that engaged with our special collections: History o' th' Book, ENGL 527/HIST 385; Early Medieval Art 'n' Architecture, ARTHI 210; Gothic 'n' Northern Renaissance Art 'n' Architecture, ARTHI 213, Intermediate Artist Books, ART 322; 'n' Lincoln: Revolutionary … Continue reading Special Collections for Enhancing Classroom Experience

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