The Office of Spiritual and Religious Life provides a welcoming and supportive environment for spiritual and religious explorations and expressions of faith.  Programs, services, and student groups bring the Lawrence community together for educational opportunities, multifaith conversations around critical topics, campus ceremonies, and religious services and celebrations.

The Center for Spiritual and Religious Life is a welcoming place for curious, intentional, respectful engagement with persons of similar, different or no religious tradition, and for quiet personal reflection and spiritual practice.

If you'd like to be contacted regarding something specific at the Center, connect with us here.

Baccalaureate Service 2018

LU Baccalaureate 2018

It's never too early in the academic year to consider being a part of the baccalaureate service during commencement weekend.  As a tribute to their spiritual journey at Lawrence, seniors create a multifaith reflection of that journey to honor the class.    

If you think you might be interested in being part of the planning team for Baccalaureate 2019, please contact Dean Morgan-Clement.  

Watch Spiritual Lives at Lawrence

The Spiritual Lives at Lawrence Project seeks to create a video library of diverse persons from across campus talking about their spiritual and religious experiences and practices.  Everyone is invited and encouraged to be a part of this experience regardless of your background or current spiritual identity.   Here are some samples of what you can expect to see. 


A few of our notable stories are shared and we hope you will be inspired to view and be a part of the discussion, either through a simple viewing, or perhaps through your own storytelling experience. 

This is an ongoing effort to tell the spiritual stories, in their own words, of the students, staff and faculty that make up Lawrence. 

We welcome you to visit regularly for new narratives. 

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