How to Access CASHNet

  1. Direct Link:
  2. Through Voyager (students only):
  • Login to your Voyager account
  • Click on the Student Services tab
  • Click on the link Your Student Account (this will direct you to CASHNet)


Create a Parent Account

  1. Access your CASHNet account (see above)
  2. Find the Parent User Names box and click on the Add New link
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen. You will have the option to allow the user to login to CASHNet, as well as receive emails when new billing statements are available.



If you see a negative balance due, that amount can be refunded to you (this is commonly called a "credit balance" by the folks in Brokaw Hall). You can also keep your credit balance on your student account to cover future charges.

In order to receive your refund electronically, you must first register your checking or savings account information in CASHNet. Follow these steps to enroll in eRefund:

  1. Access your CASHNet account (see above)
  2. Find the eRefund box (bottom left)
  3. Click on the Click here to enroll in eRefund link
  4. Follow the prompts on the screen

Note: eRefund is different from Direct Deposit. Direct Deposit is used by the Payroll Office to pay earnings for student employment.


Use the link below to access your billing statements or to make a payment.cashnet

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