Story by Isabella Mariani ’21

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes Lawrentians lose track of their belongings in the bustle of student life, and you never know what will turn up in the lost-and-found bins on campus. We visited some of these lost-and-found locations and picked out 10 curious misplaced items.

Photo of gray desk organizer.

#10 | Desk organizer

Pens and pencils, paperclips and highlights all without a home. It’s pretty hard to stay organized when you lose your entire desk organizer. Someone out there could use some tips on keeping track of things....

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Story by Awa Badiane ’21

It’s spring. The sun is shining. It’s time to get outdoors and get active.

For Lawrence University students, the opportunities to do so as part of organized clubs are plentiful.


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Story by Awa Badiane ’21

Whenever I go home for break, I get asked one of two questions, “What school do you go to again?” and “What did you bring me?” That’s why I have compiled this list of Lawrence swag every Lawrentian should own, so we can all be...

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Story by Ed Berthiaume / Communications

Five new tenure-track faculty members will join Lawrence University for the start of the 2019-20 academic year, boosting the school’s academic prowess across multiple fields of study.

The appointments...

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We asked student writer Isabella Mariani to share a list of her favorite restaurants in Appleton. If you have other favorites you’d recommend, share them in our social media comments.

Story by Isabella Mariani ’21...

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Willa Dworschack ’20, a Lawrence University physics major from Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin, has been named a Goldwater Scholar.

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Student Stories

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