An audio recording module is now built into Moodle. When a sound file needs to be submitted in response to an assignment, only a microphone will be required, as standard browsers on both Windows and Mac computers can be used to make the recording. No additional software is necessary. 

To record an mp3 file as the response to a Moodle assignment

  1. Select the "Add submission" button to reveal a basic recording module.
  2. The Adobe Flash Player Settings dialog (pictured below) will typically be displayed requiring permission to launch the recorder.
  3. Check  "Allow" AND "Close" to proceed.
  4. The RED button STARTS the recorder. The BLUE button STOPS it.
  5. A multicolored volume indicator will be displayed if the recorder is working.
  6. Once the recorder has been stopped, fill in a NAME for the file and select SAVE to convert the audio file to an .mp3 format and prepare it for uploading.
  7. Once the audio file has been successfully recorded and uploaded, Moodle will display the recording so that it can be played for review or deleted.
  8. The recorder is capable of uploading multiple files if the instructor has configured the assignment to allow more than one submission. Your first recording should be a test to verify the process is working appropriately.


  • Should the recorder hang up in the "Preparing for upload" phase and the progress bar does not advance, try using a different browser.
  • On Windows, Firefox has been glitchy with the recorder.  Internet Explorer or Chrome may be preferable on Windows.
  • Using Chrome, it should be noted; the first time the “record” button is selected, an authorization bar opens directly below the browser’s navigation bar.  Allow must be selected to use the microphone. A second recording will then need to be initiated after hitting Cancel on the first attempt.

Further questions regarding the online audio recorder can be addressed to

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