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Faculty Meetings

Below are the scheduled dates for faculty meetings. Meetings are held in the Esch-Hurvis Room of the Warch Campus Center and begin at 4:30 pm.


Term I Term II Term III
Tues, Sep 27 Tues, Jan 17 Tues, Apr4
Tues, Oct 25 Tues, Feb 7 Tues, May 9
Tues, Nov 15 Tues, Mar 7 Thurs, Jun 8



Term I Term II Term III
Wed, Sep 27 Thurs, Jan 18 Wed, Apr 11
Mon, Oct 16 Tues, Feb 13 Mon, May 7
Thurs, Nov 16 Fri, Mar 9 Thurs, Jun 7


Faculty Achievements

Gustavo C. Fares Professor of Spanish

  • Book reviews published

    Wednesday, May 10, 2017
    Type: Book reviews published

    • “Collecting and disability studies in/and Latin America. “Antebi, Susan, and Beth Ellen Jorgensen. Libre Acceso: Latin American Literature and Film through Disability Studies. Albany: SUNY, 2016. 278 pp. ISBN: 9781-4384-5967-7. & Andrade, María Mercedes. Collecting from the Margins: Material Culture in a Latin American Context. Lewisburg: Bucknell UP, 2016. 227 pp. ISBN: 978-1-61148-733-6.” Chasqui (May 2017): 2-6.

  • Grants received

    Friday, June 12, 2015
    Type: Grants received

    Latino Americans. 500 Years of History. National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and the American Library Association (ALA). “The Common Good: Humanities in the Public Square” initiative. June 2015.

  • Paper presented

    Thursday, September 10, 2015
    Type: Paper presented

    “Tango’s Cultural Diasporic Geographies.” 2015 North Central Council of Latin Americanists (NCCLA) Conference “Immigration, Emigration, Exile, and Return.” Carroll University. Waukesha, WI. September 24-26, 2015.

Peter Neal Peregrine Professor of Anthropology

  • Climate Related Hazards, Disasters, and Cultural Transformations

    Tuesday, July 1, 2014
    Type: Grants received
    Location: National Science Foundation, Interdisciplinary Behavioral and Social Sciences, $999,469
    Participants: Co-PIs: Carol Ember (Yale), Benjamin Felzer (Lehigh), Michele Gelfand (Maryland), Eric Jones (North Carolina)

    The proposed research examines societies across time and space that live (or have lived) in regions with frequent but unpredictable natural disasters in order to identify social, economic, and political strategies of resilience that might be applied to contemporary societies.

  • Grand Challenges for Archaeology

    Wednesday, January 1, 2014
    Type: Articles published
    Location: Publications of the National Academy of Sciences 111(3):879-880.
    Participants: K. Kintigh, J. Altschul, M. Beaudry, R. Drennan, A. Kinzig, T. Kohler, W. Limp, H. Maschner, W. Michener, T. Pauketat, J. Sabloff, T. Wilkinson, H. Wright, and M. Zeder

Margaret S. Paek Instructor of Dance

  • Grants received

    Saturday, December 24, 2016
    Type: Grants received

    New England Foundation for the Arts - National Dance Project Touring Award 2016/17 for Dahlia Nayar's "2125 Stanley Street" a collaboration between Nayar, Paek, and musician/composer Loren Dempster

Merton D. Finkler John R. Kimberly Distinguished Professor in the American Economic System and Professor of Economics

  • Paper presented

    Friday, April 1, 2016
    Type: Paper presented

    Presented "Employment in Manufacturing and Monetary Policy: Cyclical and Structure Factors" at the International Atlantic Economic Society Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, March 17, 2016

Catherine C. Kautsky George and Marjorie Olsen Chandler Professor of Music and Professor of Music

  • Collaborative Recital

    Friday, June 7, 2013
    Type: Performances
    Location: Music in the Cities, WI Conservatory, MIlwaukee, WI
    Participants: Kurt Ollman, Baritone (Faculty, UW-M)

    This was part of a series of events focussing on music in Vienna and Paris. I presented the opening and closing concerts.

Timothy X. Troy J. Thomas and Julie Esch Hurvis Professor of Theatre and Drama and Professor of Theatre Arts

Meeting Minutes

The minutes from faculty meetings through 2011-2012 are located here. To see the minutes from September 2012 to the present, click on "Resources for Faculty" in the menu to the left.

Faculty Focus

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