Current Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble repertoire

Lawrence University
Symphonic Band (Matthew Arau, conductor)
Wind Ensemble (Andy Mast, conductor)
2017-18 season

Friday October 13 8:00 PM 
Dress rehearsal Thursday, October 12 8PM-10:30PM
Symphonic Band
Schop, arr. J.S. Bach - Break Forth O Beauteous Heavenly Light
Biedenbender - Luminescence
Holst  - A Moorside Suite
Markowski - City Trees
George - Firefly

Wind Ensemble
 Ticheli - Postcard
 Mackey - Frozen Cathedral
        * In memory of Laura Van Asten *
 Gould - Ballad for Band
 Joplin - Combination March
Saturday, October 14 8:00 PM
Kaleidoscope Concert (PAC)
Wind Ensemble only
   Ticheli - Postcard

Saturday November 11 8:00 PM 
Dress rehearsal 9AM-1PM
Symphonic Band
Sousa - Humoresque on Gershwin’s Swanee
Grainger - Colonial Song
Maslanka - California
Cuong  - Moth

Wind Ensemble
Grainger- Lincolnshire Posy 
        Matthew Arau, conductor
 Stephenson - A Dialogue of Self and Soul 
        Carl Rath, bassoon
             Tailleferre/Dondeyne - Marche Pour Harmonie ou Fanfare

Sunday January 28 Noon-4 PM
Wind Ensemble Concerto Competition Auditions

Saturday February 17 8:00 PM 
Dress rehearsal 9AM-1PM
Wind Ensemble
   Kurka- Good Soldier Schweik Suite  (Selected movements)
   Barfield- Red Sky
        Tim Albright, trombone
   Husa - Music for Prague 1968

Saturday March 3 8:00 PM 
Dress rehearsal 9AM-1PM
Symphonic Band
Vaughn Williams - Flourish for Wind Band
Hanson - Tocata and La Tumba de Alejandro Garcia Caturla
Tailleferre, arr. Dondeyne - Suite No. 2 pour Orchestre
Arnold, arr. Paynter - Tam O’ Shanter
*For Laura Van Asten*
        Whitacre - Lux Aurumque
        Whitacre- Noisy Wheels of Joy
Holsinger - Liturgical Dances

Saturday April 14  8:00 PM 
WE/SB (9)
Dress rehearsal 9AM-1PM
Symphonic Band
Gregson - Festivo
Mayhew (’17) - Examination of the Basis of a Thought
      World Premiere Performance
Hanson - Chorale and Alleluia
Van der Roost - Puszta

Wind Ensemble
    Etezady - Anahita
    Barber - First Essay
         Mark Dupere guest
    Prokofiev - March, Op. 99 

Saturday May 19  8:00 PM 
Dress rehearsal 9AM-1PM 
Wind Ensemble
    Jacob - Concerto for Bassoon
        Stuart Young, Bassoon
        LUWE Concerto Competition Winner
    Hindemith - Symphony in B-flat 
    Garrop - Mythology Suite 
    Sousa - Stars and Stripes Forever

Saturday May 26  8:00 PM 
Dress rehearsal 9AM-1PM 
Symphonic Band
Nelson - Rocky Point Holiday
Milhaud - Suite Française
Higdon -  Kelly’s Field
Schuman - Chester
Yagisawa - Machu Picchu: City in the Sky

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