The program at Lawrence for trombone is designed to give a comprehensive education in performance and pedagogy. Students studying trombone may select from majors in music performance, music education, or theory/composition. Many students choose to pursue the double degree program – combining a music degree with a degree from the college of liberal arts and sciences. All students study standard solo repertoire, etudes, and orchestra or band excerpts. For those interested in jazz, lessons include learning standard jazz techniques and repertoire. The Lawrence University Trombone Ensemble is composed of Lawrence students, faculty, and administration who are interested in playing the trombone. Though the group typically performs as a full ensemble, often smaller groups of trombones rehearse and perform. The smaller ensembles include the newly acquired quartet of Egger Slokar model Renaissance sackbuts (one alto, two tenor, and one bass sackbut).

Why we're awesome

The Lawrence University Trombone Studio fosters a nurturing, hands-on environment transforming students into flexible, creative, high-caliber performers and pedagogues who excel in entrepreneurship and community mindedness, and who become game changers in the music world, all within the unique framework of a strong liberal arts education.


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