IGLU (Improvisation Group of Lawrence University) is an ensemble dedicated to improvising in various styles including rock, 20th century classical, Arabic taqasim, klezmer, jazz, electronic and Korean sinawi music to name a few. Transcending boundaries, IGLU draws from the innovation of specific composers as well as from specific improvisational techniques. All music is learned by ear or created by members of IGLU. IGLU is led by Matt Turner, one of the nation's leading educators in improvisation.

Previous concerts include:

  • Vocal improvisations in the styles of Jaap Blonk, Mike Patton and the Adachi Tonomi Royal Chorus
  • Performing on invented instruments and found objects
  • Improvising to the silent film, Nosferatu
  • Performing improvisations based on works by American composers Gloria Coates, William Billings, Stephen Foster, Charles Ives, Laurie Anderson, Pauline  Oliveros, Terry Riley, Frank Zappa and J. Rosamond Johnson
  • Performing improvisations based on Ghanaian, Arabic, Irish, Chinese, Laotian, Australian and Korean music
  • Improvising in American folk styles including zydeco, eephing, Navajo, prison work songs, jug band music and country brass band music

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