Dylan Richardson, '15

Dylan Richardson earned his B.M. in Bassoon Performance in 2015. While completing his senior year, Dylan decided to serve his country and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. His first assignment--by choice--is the U.S. Marine Corps Forces Pacific Band stationed in Hawaii.


Chris Acy, '15

Chris is from Aurora, CO and was a double major in Biology and Bassoon. He is currently working on his Masters of Science in Biology at the University of Oklahoma. While pursuing his passion in ecology, Chris still enjoys performing on the bassoon.

Ryan Kessler, '14

Ryan, from Palo Alto, CA, continued to study bassoon and perform in the ensembles while completing his degree in Biology. Ryan had a passion for playing contrabassoon and this was his instrument of choice most of the time. He also had a passion for early wind instruments, playing the shawm, and even making his own rackett, all while concentrating on biology. Ryan is teaching a Haida grammar class for advanced students in Alaska.

Thomas Malm, '13

Thomas is from Shelton, WA and was a double major in Bassoon Performance and Instrumental Music Education. He is currently in the Marine Corps Base Band at Quantico, one of the oldest professional music ensembles in the Marine Corps. Thomas has a passion for conducting and conducted Sibelius' Finlandia on his final ViBE concert in Spring 2013.

Marine Bassoonists

Dylan Richardson (BM 2015) & Thomas Malm (BM 2014). The ViBE is very proud of your accomplishments and honored to have performed with you; we salute you, Dylan and Thomas.

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