At the Lawrence Conservatory of Music, we believe that to achieve one’s full musical potential, a musician needs to go beyond the practice room and nurture the intellectual growth offered through the breadth and depth of a liberal arts education.

In this exciting, ever-changing world we live in, consummate core musicianship needs to be paired with intellectual agility, cross-disciplinary problem solving, bold creativity, and an entrepreneurial mindset. As a world-class conservatory within a world-class liberal arts university, we are uniquely positioned to deliver the holistic music education required for the 21st century.

Redefining a 21st Century Conservatory

21st Century Musicianship at Lawrence ConservatoryWant to find out more about how Lawrence is redefining musicianship for today's fast changing world? Check out what Lawrence's 21st Century Musicianship is all about.   Want to find out more about other cutting edge initiatives like our holistic approach to health and wellness, or how a Lawrence Conservatory education just might set you up for unexpected careers beyond music?  Check out The Dean’s Desk,  a series of blogs from Dean Pertl, that will give you a deeper view of our conservatory's unique personality. 

Conservatory Squared

Similar to the successful LU-R1 internship program  in the sciences, Conservatory2 provides Lawrence conservatory students with summer internship experiences that directly complement and accelerate their education, as well as provide substantial career experience and networking opportunities to begin “life after Lawrence NOW!”

Academy of Music

Music education is a fundamental part of the Conservatory. To that end, the affiliated Academy of Music serves the greater Fox Valley with music lessons for everyone. Find out more!

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