Women's Team Captain: Kali Thibault

Major: Chemistry

Hometown: Madison, Wisconsin

Highschool: Lafollette High School

Height: 5'4''

Weapon: Foil

Favorite College bout: "During my freshman year, I was very controlled by my emotions. It was the last school, Air Force Academy,  at the last tournament that would qualify me for regionals.I desperately wanted to go, but I still needed to win one more bout. I was able to push aside my anxiety and fear, and win not one, but two of my bouts. These bouts were the start of me learning to control my emotions on the strip."

Favorite Professional Fencer: Race Imboden - "When Imboden started fencing, he had a hard time controlling his emotions. Now, he is calm and collected on the strip.His improvement is inspiring."

Other interests: Spanish, Lord of the Rings

Contact: kali.m.thibault@lawrence.edu


"I want  this team to become a family who supports, challenges and helps one another."



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