The Connecting Alumni Committee forges connections between alumni where they live.  The committee seeks to broaden and deepen alumni relationships by enabling connections between alumni and alumni and their alma mater in life after Lawrence through off-campus events, programs and opportunities.


Committee Members

Christine Jones Benedict '99
Wallace W. Chandler '58
Julian Hector '08
Andrew H. Kraemer '13
Cameron D. Kramlich '02, Co-Chair
Bimalsen Rajbhandari '17
Katy Schwartz-Strei '84
C. Paul Snyder '99, Co-Chair
Irene Ang Strohbeen '78
Marianne R. Varney '71
Karen McGarvie Watson '80 P'11 '09

Fanny Lau '14, Assistant Director of Alumni & Constituency Engagement, Ex Officio

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