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Keith Harris '98

It's likely that not too many people in Door County have heard a live performance by a world-class opera singer. That can change in a few days, when Keith Harris, a singer, voice teacher and voice-over artist, will be in residence at Sturgeon Bay High School.
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Catherine Gulsvig Wood

Catherine Gulsvig Wood '79

  In an economy hungry for tech workers, there's ever-growing emphasis on science and math education for girls to help fill the yawning gender gap in technology - and opportunity in male-dominated careers. Catherine Gulsvig Wood embodies another path. 
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Andy Gussert '91

Andy Gussert '91

Clintonville high school graduate Andy Gussert has his sights set on making a difference in the lives of Wisconsin's youth. Hired as the state alliance director for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Wisconsin in December, Gussert said his role is to support the children.
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