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After you have completed your application to Lawrence using either the Common App or the Lawrence App, you have several options for how and when you can complete an audition for admission to the Conservatory of Music.

Lawrence University strongly encourages on-campus auditions as it gives you a chance to meet with our faculty, current students and even hear some ensembles. However, if traveling to Appleton is not an option, we do offer regional auditions in select cities around the United States. A Conservatory Admissions team member will record audition and will meet with students during their time slot. Members of the faculty do not attend regional auditions.

If you would like to submit a recording, please see below for deadlines and requirements.

On-Campus Audition Dates

Early Action 1 and Early Decision Applicants:
November 11 - Students who have applied by the October 31 (Early Decision) or November 1 (Early Action 1) deadlines

Regular Decision Applicants:
January 20 - Music Education Workshop available
February 17 - Theatre Workshop available
February 24 - Music Education Workshop available 

2018 Audition Regional Locations

For Regular Decision Applicants (students who are applying by our January 15 deadline) 

  • Boston (January 12)
  • Chicago (January 8) 
  • Denver (January 29) 
  • Interlochen (January 13) 
  • Los Angeles (February 4) 
  • Minneapolis (January 11) - FULL
  • New York (January 10) 
  • San Francisco (February 2)
  • Seattle (January 27)

Recorded Auditions

For students who are applying either Early Action, Early Decision or Regular Decision. If distance prevents a live audition, either on campus or at a regional site, a video recording may be submitted to your application status page. 

  • Recordings should be of the best possible audio-visual quality and must be properly labeled with name, instrument/voice part, and repertoire.
  • Acceptable video formats include: .mov, .wmv, .avi, and .mpeg.
  • Any student submitting a video must also complete an audition registration form (that form is e-mailed to you after you apply).

Recording submission deadlines
Early Action and Early Decision: November 11
Regular Decision: January 20

Music Education Workshops

The Music Education Workshop is an extraordinary opportunity for prospective applicants to experience hands-on aspects of the Music Education program at Lawrence University.  Led by current faculty and students, the workshop sessions will familiarize students with creative and engaging teaching techniques including movement activities, conducting, pedagogical teaching and combining the liberal arts within a practical classroom setting.  Participants will conduct, critique a mock performance, demonstrate elements of music on their primary instruments and teach simple rhythmic or melodic passages to their peers. Register for the January 20 or February 24 workshop by filling out an audition registration form. (Students must complete their application before registering for the workshop).

Please click on the link below to find out more!

Music Education Workshop

Theatre Arts Workshop

The Theatre Arts workshop is designed to connect prospective theatre makers with current theatre faculty and students. Exercises in this workshop will test your workability, collaborative skills and ingenuity. Students can audition for the Theatre Arts Scholarship and attend the workshop the same day.

If you are interested in being considered for a Theatre Arts scholarship, please register for an audition and for the workshop. Follow the link below to the Theatre Department page to register.

Theatre Audition Information & Registration

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