Learn more about applying to Lawrence University, including deadlines and degree information for both the College and the Conservatory. Please connect with your counselor or call us at 800-227-0982 if you have any questions.

Apply for Admission

Student Decision
Early Decision (binding) Oct. 31 Dec. 1 Dec. 15
Early Action 1 Nov. 1 Dec. 15 May 1
Early Action 2 Dec. 1 Jan 25 May 1
Regular Decision Jan. 15 April 1 May 1

If you're applying for a degree in the arts or sciences (e.g., in the humanities, visual arts, natural/life sciences, social sciences, etc.), you may apply during any of the application rounds.

If you are applying for a degree in music, you may choose either Early Decision, Early Action 1, or Regular Decision. (Learn more about Conservatory admission and auditions.)

Apply for Financial Aid

Financial Aid
Priority Date
Financial Aid
Early Decision Oct. 31 Dec. 1
Early Action 1 Nov. 1 Jan. 15
Early Action 2 Dec. 1 Feb. 22
Regular Decision Jan. 15 April 1

Note: If you miss the financial aid priority deadline associated with your admission application, you may apply under any subsequent financial aid priority deadline. (Lawrence University sends financial aid awards only to admitted students.)

Learn more about applying for financial aid.

Degree Options

At Lawrence, you can choose three paths to your degree (or degrees). Click the link to view more about each degree option.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Students seeking the Bachelor of Arts degree will complete approximately one-third of their work in each of three areas: Freshman Studies and General Education, a major, and elective study. The Freshman Studies and General Education Requirements are designed to promote the breadth of study central to a liberal arts education, perspective on issues critical to a diverse America and an interconnected world and the development of skills essential for success in any discipline or profession. The completion of a major provides focused, in-depth work in a single discipline. Elective study affords students opportunities to develop secondary interests, work in areas complementary to their primary discipline, or explore new fields of study.

Bachelor of Music(B.Mus.)

The Bachelor of Music is a professional degree. Courses in music represent approximately two-thirds of the curriculum, while one-third is devoted to Freshman Studies and General Education Requirements.

Double-Degree Program (B.A./B.Mus.)

Professional study in music and study in the liberal arts may be combined in a five-year program leading to both Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Arts degrees, the latter with a major other than music. Both degrees are awarded at the conclusion of the five-year program. Interested students should discuss this possibility with their advisors as early as possible.

Approximately half of the curriculum is devoted to the study of music — completion of the music core and requirements for a major in performance, music education, or theory/composition. The other half of the curriculum mirrors that of the Bachelor of Arts program, emphasizing breadth of study central to a liberal arts education, focused study in the college major and elective study to complement other work or explore other fields of interest.

Certain majors in the Bachelor of Arts degree program (for example, some laboratory sciences) may be difficult to combine with the Bachelor of Music degree program into a five-year double degree program, especially if the student’s objective is to maintain serious options for graduate or professional work in both areas after graduation. Such combinations may require that course overloads be taken to complete minimum requirements in each major in a timely and satisfactory manner. Early and regular consultation with advisors in both the college and the conservatory is imperative. Further, students who seek certification for purposes of teaching a subject other than music are urged to see the associate dean of the conservatory.


Schedule a Visit or Interview

Visiting campus is the best way to get a feel for the campus which will help with your decision. Try the food, meet some students, see the sights, chat with professors, sit down with an admission counselor and more. Schedule your visit to Lawrence.  If you can't visit campus and want to learn more, you can see if there are off campus interviews coming to a place near you.

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