The U.S. Department of Education gives financial aid administrators the ability to consider a family's special circumstances in determining a student's financial need. Special circumstances may have occurred since you filed the FAFSA or they might be circumstances that were not accounted for on the FASFA.

Supporting documentation is required for all special circumstance requests. Please submit documentation directly to the Financial Aid Office by email, fax, or mail.

Special Circumstance Request

Please submit the following documentation to the Financial Aid Office by email, fax or mail.

1. Statement explaining your situation. 

Be sure to include key things, such as: dates (when did things occur?), names (who was affected?), and amounts.

2. Fall 2016 Special Circumstances Form (PDF) 

  • Available January 1, 2016
  • In addition to the Special Circumstance Form, please include supporting documentation.

If you're a current student, the 2015-16 Special Circumstance Form is available here.

3. Tax Documents and Earnings Information 

  • Copy of Federal Tax Return
  • W-2 Form(s)
  • Most Recent Paystub(s)

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