You're in. (Woohoo!)

After the initial rush of college-acceptance-induced adrenaline wears off, you may realize that, as an admitted student, you have an entirely new perspective on Lawrence—and a whole lot of new questions. Although this website will serve as a starting point, don’t forget that living breathing people (e.g., admissions counselors, student life staff, current students, and professors) are just a phone call or email away.

As an admitted student, you have the opportunity to look more closely at Lawrence’s academic programs and social scene through experiences such as campus visits and exclusive Admitted Student Days in the spring. Please use this website as a place to begin determining if Lawrence is the right school for you—and just let us know if we can help in any way.

By the way, we'll start helping by reminding you of one very important thing:

May 1 means May 1

Your college choice is a pretty big decision – one you shouldn’t make hastily. That’s why Lawrence abides by the May 1 National Candidates Reply Date, the date by which all students must notify their colleges of their enrollment decisions.

The National Candidates Reply Date was established to ensure that students can consider—without penalty from any college—all of their admission, financial aid and/or scholarship offers. (Since most students don’t have all this information available from all their colleges until March or April, the May 1 deadline gives students some breathing room to make good, informed decisions.)

If you feel that you’re being pressured by a college to make a commitment before May 1, please contact us for guidance on your rights and responsibilities as a college applicant.

Helpful resources

There are many many corners to the Lawrence University website. While we encourage you to stroll around the grounds until you feel at home, we also acknowledge that you may have some pretty specific things you'd like to know before you officially call Lawrence "home," so we've put some together some jumping-off points for you:

What are my housing options?

I've heard poetry about the splendor of your dining options. Please tell me more.

I'd like to visit campus again. 

I have a few (OK, a dozen) questions about financial aid.

I'm having trouble getting into my Voyager account, who can help me?

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