Spanish is one the most widely spoken languages in the world with almost 567 million speakers (including native, heritage speakers and second language learners).

Over 50 million people speak Spanish in the US

Engage with this global community and get ready for the future.

For advisors and students: Everything you need to know about placement, course requirements, forms for declaring the major/minor, and more right HERE.

A rich and vibrant Spanish program. 

We educate global citizens who are ready for today's and tomorrow's challenges.

65-70 Spanish majors and minors and a total 500+ students study Spanish at Lawrence every year.

An interdisciplinary and global curriculum

On-campus courses and independent studies with faculty from Spain, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Chile, and the United States.

Off-campus programs in Spain and Latin America. 

Classes in language and culture, literature, film, art, history, current events and politics, linguistics, translation, and more.

Learning outside the classroom

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Success after Lawrence

Spanish alumni pursue successful careers in the public and private sectors. Many earn graduate and professional degrees at prestigious institutions and they receive regular recognition in the form of Fulbright scholarships, Rotary Club Ambassador scholarships, and other competitive awards.

What can you do with a Spanish major? Click here to find out!


¡VIVA! and Alianza 

The Spanish Department is a strong supporter of ¡VIVA! and Alianza, the student organizations dedicated to supporting and celebrating Hispanic, Latin American, and Latin@/Latinx identities and cultures on campus.

Contact us

Email Rosa Tapia at or call +1 (920) 832-6682.

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Language Immersion Weekend

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