More than 500 million people speak Spanish around the world

50+ million people speak Spanish in the U.S.

Engage with this global community at Lawrence

Spanish at Lawrence

Lawrentians are global citizens who are getting ready for today's and tomorrow's challenges. Up to 70 Spanish majors and minors and  a total of 500+ students study Spanish at Lawrence every year.

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Students of Spanish at Lawrence develop the language proficiency, cultural competency and critical thinking that lead to lives of professional achievement, social engagement and personal fulfillment. Through the Spanish program they immerse themselves in different languages and cultures, travel the world and gain valuable international experience. 

An interdisciplinary and global curriculum


Lawrence offers a wide array of on-campus courses in Spanish with faculty from Spain, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Chile, and the United States.
Course offerings include Spanish language, Spanish, Latin American and Latinx culture, literature, film, art, history, current events and politics, linguistics, translation and more.  

Learning, connecting and engaging outside the classroom

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Success after Lawrence

Lawrentians who graduate with a major or minor in Spanish are well positioned to pursue a variety of successful careers in the public and private sectors. Many of them go on to earn graduate and professional degrees in different fields. Spanish students and alumns also receive frequent recognition in the form of Fulbright scholarships and other competitive awards.

What can you do with a Spanish major? Click HERE to find out.

VIVA and Alianza 

The Spanish Department is a strong supporter of VIVA and Alianza, the student organizations dedicated to supporting and celebrating Hispanic, Latin American, and Latin@/Latinx identities and cultures on campus.

Contact us

Email Rosa Tapia at or call +1 (920) 832-6682.

Student Highlights

Lindsay_Holsen_DukeLindsay Holsen--a senior majoring in Spanish and Biochemistry--completed an internship last summer at the Duke SRC (Superfund Research Center).  Lindsay is a member of the Lawrence tennis team, plays oboe for fun and is one of the forces on campus behind the Food Recovery Project.

"Lindsay Holsen, an undergraduate from Lawrence University, recently finished a summer internship at the Duke SRC, dividing her time between research in Joel Meyer’s lab and community-outreach projects. In the latter area, her Spanish-language skills were an asset. “I helped translate some of the Center’s material on contaminants in fish and in garden soils with the help of two native Spanish-speakers,” she says.

Holsen feels she learned a lot about the challenges of communicating complex research and about the need for balancing costs with solutions. “There are a lot of temporary solutions to environmental problems, but you have to think about solutions for the long term and ensure that the affected community is involved in the process,” she says."

Read the full article in DukeEnvironment here.  To learn more about Lindsay's experiences at Duke, read this interview originally published in the Duke SRC news blog. 

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