Peter Thomas (Professor of Russian Studies)

Russian is one of the world’s most important and widely spoken languages. Knowledge of the Russian language helps broaden students’ career opportunities and options in a variety of fields, including business and government service. In addition, Russian culture, music, art and literature are extraordinarily rich. While the culture may be best appreciated by those who know the language, those who have no knowledge of Russian can also find much of value and interest in the study of Russian culture.

Lawrence offers a major in Russian studies, a major in Russian language and literature and a minor in Russian.

  • Students taking Russian at the beginning and intermediate levels concentrate on acquiring skills in speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing.
  • Upper-level courses and tutorials enable students to improve their critical and analytical skills, learn more about Russia’s rich literary and cultural traditions and gain additional speaking practice.
  • Majors are strongly encouraged to spend a term studying in Russia.
  • Students who achieve a high level of language proficiency may wish to pursue internship opportunities available as a result of Lawrence’s connections with Appleton’s sister city in Russia.

At all levels, students have the opportunity to work with tutors who are native speakers and to take advantage of extracurricular activities, such as the weekly Russian Table, film showings and immersion weekends.

Culture and literature courses taught in translation are designed not only for those studying Russian but for all students. These courses have no prerequisites, and they fulfill a number of general education requirements.

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