Before you arrive

Look carefully at the information on this web page, and read the instructions accessible from links below so you are familiar with the experiments.  You want to be prepared to take full advantage of what will be a very busy day on Saturday.

Friday 23 February 2018

4:30 PM Meet student host at the Admissions Office in Hurvis Center (unless prior arrangements have been made)
5:15 PM Reception in the Atrium between Youngchild and Steitz Halls
6:00 PM Dinner: Buffet in Hurvis Room, Warch Campus Center
7:30 PM Adjourn with the Physics faculty to Youngchild Hall for orientation and tour of the department


Saturday 24 February 2018

7:30 AM Use meal pass for breakfast in Campus Center Cafe
8:30 AM

Morning investigations, Youngchild Hall

Make a Hologram, Fourier Optics (kitten jailbreak), Indivisibility of Photons, Divisibility of Photons.

Noon Lunch in Andrew Commons with faculty and student assistants
1:00 PM

Afternoon investigations, Youngchild Hall

Quantum Eraser, Extrasolar Planets, Spectroscopy

4:30 PM Physics workshop concludes
4:00-5:00 PM The Admissions Office will be open. Please feel free to use that office as a place to meet your family.


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