J. Bruce Brackenridge Prize

Awarded to an outstanding junior physics major with a strong academic record and great promise for continued work on physics:

2017: Aedan Gardill

2016: Christopher Kiehl

2015: Rachel Lindley

2014: Ashley Coenen

2013: Michael Van De Graaff

2012: Karl Mayer

2011: Zhe Zhang

2009: Robert Neiderriter

2008: Mackenzie Van Camp

2007: Russell Geisthardt

2006: Bao Ha

2005: Rupesh Silwal

2004: Lauren Kost

2003: Matthew Dietrich

2002: Suzanne Witt

2001: Quinn Marksteiner

2000: Angela Kopp & Cindy Regal

1999: Paul Kondratko

1998: Eric Moore

1997: David Dostal

1996: Todd Thompson

1995: David Robertson

LU Physics Research Award

This award honors the senior physics major who has contributed the most to an active, ongoing research program within the Department.

2017: Clayton Ristow

2016: Rachel Lindley

2015: Daniel Martinez Zambrano

2014: Joseph Cullen

2013: Karl Mayer

2012: Brian Van Hoozen

2011: Faraz Choudhury

LU Physics Service Award

This award honors the senior physics major whose extracurricular efforts have enhanced the environment and community within the Department.

2017: Cody Poole

2016: Owen Cook

2015: Erika Roedl

2014: Michael Wennerstrom

2013: Aaron Wright

2012: Melissa Klocke

2011: Bradley Bodee

LU S.I.N. (Sir Isaac Newton) Award

This award goes to the most innovative problem solver in Computational Mechanics during the past year.

2017: Lucas Myers

2016: Anh Hoang Trong Nam

2015: Cody Poole & Clayton Ristow

2014: John Hosmer-Quint

2013: Jack Dempsey

2012: Cooper Sinai-Yunker & Michael Van De Graaff

2011: Alex Patterson

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