Interdisciplinary areas cross departmental boundaries and may appear as a concentration on the transcript alongside the declared major and any minors.

Please note: The information displayed here is current as of Monday, July 16, 2018, but the official Course Catalog should be used for all official planning.

2017-2018 Course Catalog

Required for the interdisciplinary area in museum studies

  1. Two core courses:
    1. ANTH 222: Historic Preservation Theory and Practice
    2. ARHI 315: Introduction to the Art Museum
  2. Three additional six-unit courses with significant museum studies content, selected in consultation with museum studies faculty. See the following list for suggested courses that would fulfill this requirement. Students are strongly encouraged to take at least one course that emphasizes visual analysis.
  3. At least one from:
    1. Six units of ANTH 422: Archaeological Collections Management
    2. Six units of independent study working in the Wriston Art Gallery or the University Archives
    3. A six-unit internship at a museum, historic site, or similar institution, from an appropriate academic department

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