Fall 2015

If you have any questions on the talks below (location, specific topics, who will attend, etc), please email Adam Galambos

I-E 100, In Pursuit of Innovation

The following speakers are scheduled to appear in I-E 100, In Pursuit of Innovation. If you are not enrolled in the course and interested in attending, please email Adam Galambos. These talks will take place in Briggs 223, 11:10--12:20. 

Date Speaker
September 28th (Mon) Mr. Gary Gorman will speak on the entrepreneurial mindset, entrepreneurial traits, and opportunity recognition. 
October 12th (Mon) Dr. David Campbell, the 2015 Visiting Phi Beta Kappa Scholar at Lawrence, will lead a discussion on disruptive innovation in higher education.
October 16th (Fri) Gordon Nye (LU P’17), will address the class regarding his major successes in his past and present startups, innovations, and entrepreneurship.
October 26th (Mon) Ms. Jill Enos, Managing Director at ZyQuest Foundry.
October 28th (Wed) Omer Sayeed (LU '95), VP at Optum/United Health Group will discuss how Kuhnian paradigm shifts can create opportunities that drive innovation in corporate settings.
November 2nd (Mon) Dr. Richard Fessler (LU '74), will discus his personal journey through medical entrepreneurship with a special emphasis on intellectual property.


Speakers on consulting case studies

Date Speaker
September 18th (Fri), 10:15am Mr. Scott Myers '79. Watch this talk.
October 9th, 10:00am and 2:00pm Mr. Jonathan Bauer '83
October 16th, 2:00pm - 4:00pm
(Memorial Hall 119)
Mr. Andrew Wong '06


ECON 405, The Economics of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

These talks will take place at 8:30am in Briggs 217.

Date Speaker
October 9th (Fri) Mr. Jonathan Bauer '83 will talk about innovation in the telecommunications industry.
October 12th (Mon) Mr. David Calle will talk about innovation and recent trends in consumer products.


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