Investigating the broad range of cultural, political, social, and economic forces at play historically and today, this new interdisciplinary major will allow you to engage with the world in a more direct way by developing deep cultural knowledge.

The program does this through a combination rarely found in American higher education: additional study of arts and humanities, a rigorous language requirement, and a required 10-week off-campus global experience (fulfilled either through a study abroad or, for example, working with Hmong immigrants here in the Fox Valley, or refugee populations in Appleton).

  • Combining language, culture, history, government, and economics in a powerful way
  • Understanding the history of global trade and cross-cultural exchange
  • Investigating the roles of major world cities from Dakar to Beijing in global development
  • Seeing how global can also be local (and vice-versa) through working with local populations and organizations
  • Studying and engaging the world around you, and your place and impact on the wider global community
  • Economics
  • Government
  • History
  • Languages: Chinese and Japanese; French & Francophone Studies; German, Russian, Spanish


Life After Lawrence

Lawrentians can enjoy careers in...

Foreign service, global affairs,  communications, diplomacy, non-profit world services organizations, education, law, government

Recent employers* include...

FBI, Thomson Reuters, U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Navy, Peace Corps., U.S. government

* As this is a new major, this list includes employers of internationally-focused government majors. List will grow with graduates.

Lawrentians can go on for advanced degrees in...

Political science, urban planning, law, MBA, environmental science, journalism, social science, medicine

At places* like...

Boston University, Cambridge, Duke, George Washington University, Johns Hopkins, Marquette, Ohio State, Princeton, Tulane

* As this is a new major, this list includes graduate schools of internationally-focused government majors. List will grow with graduates.


Nations and Identities track:

Study the construction and function of nations, as well as newer, transnational forms of identity. Emphasis on history and government, with courses in literature, culture and the arts.


Global Cities track:

Study the history of urbanization and the global interconnection by understanding socio-cultural, economic and political complexities of the nature and evolution of major cities.


Human Security track:

Study global violence (e.g., discrimination, war, displacement, genocide, disease, poverty, environmental stress) through the lens of the individual with particular emphasis on vulnerable and marginalized communities.


Arts and Exchange track:

Understand how economic systems, international organizations, the movement of people, and the commodification and commercialization of cultural practices affect artistic production, notions of ownership, and meaning across borders.

Components of the Major

  • Introduction to Global Studies

    Eight thematically connected electives that satisfy one of the four Global Studies tracks: Nations & Identities; Global Cities; Human Security; Arts & Exchange
  • The equivalent of a minor in one additional language

    Global experience at an off-campus site (local, domestic, or abroad)

    Senior Seminar and Senior Experience

Course descriptions and more courses

The Chandler Senior Experience

The major culminates in a senior seminar course in which you and your classmates from all four tracks come together to revisit important theoretical issues in the global studies field. Readings highlight disciplinary differences in global studies scholarship, but also showcase how interdisciplinary inquiry produces even deeper understanding. Your work will culminate with a portfolio (a written, critical reflection of your off-campus global experience plus a substantial paper on a global topic). This work will showcase your work in the major as well as your interdisciplinary and intercultural proficiency, which you will present to other members of the seminar.

As this is a new major, there are no Senior Experience titles to present yet.


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