Ruth M. Lunt (chair)
  • Maria G. Carone
    Maria G. Carone Profile Picture
    Visiting Assistant Professor of German
    Campus Phone: 920-832-7182
    Education: University of Cologne: B.A., M.A.; University of Bonn: M.A.; University of Wisconsin Madison: PhD in German, PhD in Italian.
    Interests: 18th-19th century German literature, postcolonial theory, migrant literature, transcultural studies, literature and philosophy (H. Blumenberg, W. Benjamin).
    Campus Address: Main Hall Room 412 German
    Years at Lawrence: 2015-
  • Alison C. Guenther-Pal
    Alison C. Guenther-Pal Profile Picture
    Associate Professor of German
    Campus Phone: 920-832-6670
    Education: University of California at Santa Cruz, B.A.; University of Minnesota, M.A., Ph.D.
    Interests: German cinema; 20th century German cultural studies; critical identity studies; radical pedagogies; film theory; equity, inclusion, and social justice in higher education
    Campus Address: Main Hall Room 204 German
    Years at Lawrence: 2007-
  • Ruth M. Lunt
    Associate Professor of German
    Campus Phone: 920-832-6675
    Education: Millersville State University, B.A.; University of Pittsburgh, M.A.; Princeton University, Ph.D.
    Interests: Language and the Law, Germanic linguistics, language pedagogy, history of German
    Campus Address: Main Hall German
    Years at Lawrence: 1992-
  • Brent Peterson
    Brent Peterson Profile Picture
    Professor of German
    Campus Phone: 920-832-6663
    Education: Johns Hopkins University, B.A.; University of Iowa, M.A.; University of Minnesota, Ph.D.
    Interests: construction of national and ethnic identities; the intersection of historical fiction and history; the “long 19th century” 1789-1918; post-war, post-wall experiences of both Germanies
    Campus Address: Main Hall Room 209 German
    Years at Lawrence: 2002-