Students who are registering to take a French and Francophone Studies course in the coming academic year should take our on-line placement exam, administered through Brigham Young University. The exam will take about 20 minutes and will recommend to you the level of course for which you should register. Results will also be forwarded to the French and Francophone Studies department.

Follow the instructions below to take the on-line exam (you might want to print this page).

  • Go to Your password will be: vikings1 (all lower case; it is the number 1, not the letter L).
  • Select the link to the French exam. You'll be prompted to fill out a form. Enter your name. For ID, type in "new student" (without quotes).

You'll also be prompted for your email address. If you have one, type it in. If you have no email address, type "NA" (without quotes). If you have questions about this exam or problems logging in, please contact the French and Francophone Studies department.