ACM Film Festival Winners

Conference presentations:
Best Paper: Student: "Title" (College)

Runners Up:  Student: "Title" (College)
Student: "Title" (College)

Best Paper Written in a Foreign Language: Student: "Title" (College)

Student: "Title" (College)
Runner-Up: Student: "Title" (College)

Best of the Midwest
Student: "Title" (College)
Runner-Up--(2nd place) Student: "Title" (College)
Runner-Up: (3rd place) Student: "Title" (College)

Social Impact Award: Student: "Title" (College)

Production Value: Student: "Title" (College)
Link to Film

Original Concept:  Student: "Title" (College)
Link to Film

Audience Choice Award: Student: "Title" (College)
Link to Film


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