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Engaged Faculty - Allison Fleshman, Chemistry

Chemists, biochemists and chemical engineers contribute to the development and utilization of the materials, medicines, foods and fuels that are the hallmarks of modern life. They also contribute greatly to the understanding and protection of the natural environment.

Working in concert with biologists, geologists, physicists, psychologists and others, chemists continue to play leading roles in the search for solutions to many of society’s most pressing problems, challenges to physical and mental health, pollution and its effects, resource recovery, and energy production and conservation. The study of chemistry at Lawrence prepares students for a broad range of opportunities and careers, including academic or industrial research, engineering, secondary or college teaching, medical or veterinary practice, law, business or public service.

The Lawrence chemistry department is large enough to ensure that all the major areas of chemistry are well represented and small enough that students can build close working relationships with all the faculty members. Our department's faculty are all actively engaged in their own research programs, primarily using Lawrence’s own wide array of instrumentation; these programs create ample independent research opportunities for students, either during the school year or the summer months. We see these research experiences as a critical part of our curriculum, as they provide students with the analytical techniques, problem-solving strategies, and critical thinking skills necessary for success in the physical, medical or life sciences.

Our goals are to engage students from diverse backgrounds with the excitement of chemistry; foster in them the habit of informed and critical thinking; involve them in independent learning and research; and prepare them for the successful pursuit of a wide variety of post-baccalaureate and professional opportunities.

Teaching Chemistry

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